Want some freshly popped popcorn?

A freshly popped wholesome snack, that leaves no kitchen mess behind, no sticky oily fingers, and made with real ingredients.  Finally, a mom-approved microwave popcorn!

Quinn Snacks Microwave Popcorn

Most microwave popcorn is filled with hydrogenated oils, preservatives and additives that allow spices to be mixed with oils for long periods of time and still keep the kernels ready to pop. 

What are hydrogenated oils?  These are oils that are solid at room temperature.  They are very high in saturated fats.  Healthy fats have been removed from the oil in order to solidify. 

All this sounds like more of a science experiment than real food, AND IT IS!

Because of these ingredients the bags are made with plastics and other harmful chemicals that heat up to extremely high temperatures.  So we avoid microwave popcorn.

But today we microwaved it!  Quinn Snacks popcorn bags use no plastics, chemicals or  susceptors.  The bags are also 100% compostable. 

​Their ingredients are simple, such as sea salt and organic corn kernels.  The kernels are placed all by themselves waiting to be popped, while the oil and seasonings come in separate packets, everything stays fresh.

Corn kernels are Non-GMO certified and organic.  Seasonings come in a separate packet, you can add as much or as little as you like.  The oils come in a separate pouch as well.  High Oleic oil is high in mono-saturated fats (which are our good fats) and comes in liquid form.

Popcorn tasted great, it was fresh, lightly seasoned, no oily residue on our hands or stained fingers.

Today we tried the white cheddar flavor.  I think tomorrow we will try their maple kettle popcorn, with just 3 ingredients, organic kernels, sea salt and maple sugar!

I was one happy mom today, to have the option of serving a warm, fresh, wholesome snack without any kitchen cleanup!

Always so grateful for Amazon!  Grab your Quinn Snacks popcorn here!  Happy popping!

What’s your favorite popcorn flavor?

For a homemade popcorn check out these recipes!

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