Vocabulary Exploration – WHISKING APPLES


because vocabulary builds skills:
reading comprehension, listening comprehension,
​writing, spelling and pronunciation
It is how children communicate and interact with their world.

Find ways to incorporate a plethora of words into conversations with your child.

We build games and fun activities with words, to promote understanding and retention, such as the chalkboards pictured here.

We love BUILDING VOCABULARY, so much, we give you a FREE resource each month with:
Interactive Chalkboards
Fun & Simple
Word Games &
Word Families
Extra Fun Stuff
“Vocabulary is not meant
to be taught in isolation.
Instead teach in a
natural conversational
setting with your child.”

 Apples & Whisks & Other Word Games
Exploring with Vocabulary

  1. How do 3 simple words turn into a
  2. plethora of new vocabulary?
  3. Tip 1: Play Word Games

 Identify synonyms and antonyms: 
especially fun for 2nd and 3rd graders that are building their language skills rapidly as their reading levels increase.

Provide examples and non-examples: 
exaggerate non-examples making them funny to add some silliness to learning. Have fun playing with the words.

Relate words to your everyday experiences: 
at a restaurant, playground, visiting family, find ways to point out different objects and experiences.

  1. Tip 2: Engage in Conversation

Vocabulary is learned through conversation: 
Plug in the vocabulary words in everyday conversations. 

Ask questions:
Involving the child in using their vocab words

Read a book and point out the vocabulary words:
Synonymous and antonyms as well!

Tip 3: Taste your Words

Unique recipes involve at least one vocabulary word in a cooking activity.  We call it ‘tasting letters’!
Involving the 5-senses builds retention and understanding.

​​​Ideas to remember this month’s vocabulary words:
– write them on your phone
– calendar
– sticky notes (on bedroom doors and other unusual places)
– Bathroom mirrors with
dry erase markers (the kids get a ‘kick’ out of this).​


​​ Each month our lessons and activities offer a group of vocabulary words your child will be exposed to at school in the corresponding subject areas.  Using them at home will increase their level of understanding and comprehension in the classroom.  Use the words throughout the month, not just in our activities. And try out a few of our tips with our suggested vocabulary words and you will see your child’s vocabulary expand each month.


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