up-cycle Easter eggs into fun learning tool

Up-Cycling: Fun & Simple Ways To Turn Your Easter Eggs into Learning Tools and Family Games

With three kids, let’s just say, we have LOTS and LOTS of brightly colored plastic eggs in the house.  These fun and simple ways to turn your easter eggs into learning tools and games will add a boost of color and creativity to your days!  

I am not a fan of single use items, so upcycling and reusing are our only options.  I took some aside and created learning tools, games, family challenges and more! 

Simple and quick ideas to keep all ages engaged.


For my toddler, we made a number matching game.  My son created an egg cartoon fine motor lesson for his little sister to place the eggs in their spots (a Montessori lesson).  I then added numbers 1 – 12 to the eggs and on each spot in the cartoon.  Now we have a matching, counting and numbers game.

A fun way to start Preschool-Math at home.

Take it a step further and add the number of items for each egg inside.  Then they can open the egg and count too.  This will be our next step, once she masters the number matching. Closing the eggs also gives fine motor practice to their little hands and fingers (and keeps them busy longer!).

We also made a color matching game for little one which my older daughter created for her.  


My kindergartner now has a letter matching game, upper case letters with lower case letters.  It’s a fun and colorful way to make sure they know all their letters.

I am in the process of collecting items or pictures that begin with each of the letters.  After the letters are matched up, they can match the items to the eggs.


A board game challenge! I challenged my older daughter to create a board game with her eggs to play during our game night this month.  Armed with markers, cardboard, Easter mini-erasers and colorful eggs, I think we will have a unique game night this week!

I also took several eggs and wrote encouraging and mindful messages for her.  I am using these to put small snacks to take to school.    

They love to find Easter eggs in their lunch boxes.  

Other ideas:

  1. Keep hiding them and doing egg hunts.
  2. Kids new art canvas! Just give them paints and brushes and see what they create!
  3. Place LED tea lights inside their new egg creations to make a new night light.
  4. Make a scavenger hunt with clues inside each egg.
  5. Make maracas by filling with pennies or beads and gluing the eggs shut.  Different items will make different noises.
  6. Share with a friend.
  7. Make paintings and write happy messages.  Then donate to a nursing home as a family volunteer project.
  8. Ask your schools art teacher if they would like them for an up-cycle art project.
  9. Save them for Earth Day. Plant a seed and give your new plant as a gift for Earth Day.
  10. Save them for next year

Hope we helped, even if just a little, to up-cycle all those egg hunt ‘eggs’.

Here are some things I used to create these activities:

I would love to hear how you are using your eggs. 
Please share your ideas too!

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