So, You Went U-Picking? 10 Easy Recipes and Tips to Use all That Fruit!

​U-pick farms are FUN for the entire family, but over picking is EASY! 

Here are a few simple recipes and tips on storing your fruits so you can enjoy the ‘fruits of your labor’ longer.

1. Eat them fresh when you get home. 

2. Add them to school lunches.  Wash them well and cut (if needed, for easy eating).

3. Set your fruits in the center of your dining table or kitchen. Makes a beautiful centerpiece and gives easy access for the kids to eat.

4. Freeze them! Most berries can be frozen as is.  Strawberries, cut the leaves off.  Fruits such as peaches slice them and freeze.

5. Store the fruits in your fridge in an airtight container.  This will help them last longer fresh.

6. Think Toppings! Pancake toppings, ice cream topping, cereal topping, oatmeal topping. Should we continue?

​7. Make your favorite fruit pie or tart

8. Make a yogurt parfait

9. Make a smoothie

10. Make cobbler

​​See our springtime fruit recipes below…

Going out to pick fruits with young kids? See our 8 Tips to help your family
have a fun afternoon!

Happy Picking! Happy Eating! Happy Cooking!

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