Rainbow Smoothie Bowls

​I love spring time!

Luckily I live in central Florida where flowers are already blooming and baby squirrels and birds are already starting to peak in through our windows. 

Now I am just waiting for the rain to start and lots of beautiful rainbows!

But why wait for the rainbows in the sky when we can make beautiful rainbows at home with our little ones…and learn something along the way!

Today I spent the afternoon with my 2-year old dreaming of spring rainbows.  We started by singing the colors of the rainbows and pointing them out in the house.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple (the actual color of the spectrum is violet but we are working on the color purple)

Then we got busy in the kitchen!

Cutting up soft fruits is a great fine motor activity for kids (not just toddlers but throughout elementary and then they can cut harder fruits and veggies).

I set-up a cutting station for her with bananas, kiwi, strawberries, oranges and blueberries.  I helped her a bit but mostly worked on dinner prep alongside her.  This allowed me the freedom to start dinner while still engaging with her, talking about the colors and textures of the fruit.

We moved on to making the actual smoothie, which she really enjoys.  I choose a green smoothie to give our bowl a St. Patrick’s Day twist.

Then she went back to finish cutting fruits AND EATING THEM.  She took lots of breaks along the way for some independent free-play (maybe she had enough of me!).

When I knew she was done cutting-up fruits I poured our thick rich smoothie in a bowl for each of us.

We built the smoothie bowl together, adding each of the fruits, which are all rainbow colored BTW. 

Since repetition is key with toddlers, we named the colors of the rainbow again and again (and again) while building our smoothie. 

​She had fun arranging the fruits and especially EATING all the colors!

​​Then I added slivered almonds to the ends, because what’s a rainbow without a pot of gold!

How exciting it was for her to see a bowl full of colors that (semi) looked like a rainbow.
Here is our full recipe and directions for you and your child. Just click and download!

​Rainbow Smoothie Bowls

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5 thoughts on “Rainbow Smoothie Bowls”

  1. This looks so yummy! Wonderful that your daughter is using those Practical Life skills to help with the preparation!💛

  2. Courtney Johnson

    Thanks for the cute idea! My daughter loves smoothies, and I’ve been in a rut for some new ideas! And your fruit looks amazing… I’m in Colorado, so we don’t have access to the best fresh fruit right now!

  3. LOVE smoothie bowls! My favorite is to make them after we get back from being out of town–so nice to get as many nutrients as we can after eating who-knows-what on the road!

  4. Emily @ Phoenix Revolution

    I really loved this! It looks so yummy and healthy and I wish I had a 2 year old to make this with. Super adorbs! Thanks for sharing!

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