Meet Me! Julie

Welcome to my world of parenting!! 

​My crazy world involves two toddlers and a baby girl    (as I am writing this). 

I had no idea what I was getting myself into!
Through the years I noticed our days start and end in the kitchen where, my family spends time talking, eating, trying new things and learning.  My kids sit on the kitchen counter, as I cook, to do homework,
​cut paper or color. 

Meanwhile they ask me those ever so repetitious questions:
 “Mommy, what is that called?”  
“Mommy, what does that taste like?”
“Mommy, when do I get to cook?”

I involved my kids in the wonderful sensory experiences that the kitchen provides.  I opened-up their world through the senses, touch, taste and smell.  I gave them spices to smell, foods to touch and taste, such as garlic, onions, limes and peppers. 

As they got older, they started mixing, pouring, measuring, cutting, and serving.  I noticed I was teaching them math, science and language arts.  They were learning to recognize numbers, letters and developing fine and gross motor skills that transferred into other areas of play and development.

I started to develop two passions in my daily life with my kids: Food and Education!

Food: Our home is filled with organic fruits and veggies of all sizes and colors.  We bake cookies and granola.  Make smoothies and Popsicles during the summer time.  I choose whole foods and keep cautious of artificial ingredients, added sugars, GMOs and dyes. 

Education: puzzles, stacking blocks, building train tracks and reading books are a daily habit.  Toys that build concentration and developmental skills are played with everyday.  I have a passion to stay involved in my children’s education, making sure they stay curious and have fun experiencing and learning about our world.

With Whisking Apples, I combine my passion of good food and education, into one.  I want to share it, with everyone.  For moms, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and teachers to always inspire a love of learning…what better way to keep them engaged then through their tummies!

I hope you join me on this wonderful journey.  I am so excited to share with you, simple and fun, ways to enhance your children’s educational skills and health!

Happy Cooking! Happy Teaching!
Julie Trujillo, Mom of 3, Homeschooler,
Whisking Apples Founder


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