Clean out your laundry routine

How to ‘Clean-Out’ your Laundry Routine

With three kids, the piles of laundry at the end of the week are CRAZY! Anyone else in this predicament?  Let’s tackle the question: How to clean-up your laundry routine!

Managing laundry in a large family takes a little bit of magic.

Laundry days are made a little bit better when you use essential oils and natural laundry detergents that get the clothes clean and soft.  As always, we read the ingredients in my laundry detergents too.  I started looking at our laundry ingredients when I was pregnant with my first born because so many companies market specific baby detergents and they are so expensive!

When you read the ingredients you will notice many of the ingredients were the same as leading brand detergents and they were not good for my baby’s skin or the environment.  So, I turned all natural and cleaned-out my laundry routine!

Cleaning-Out My Laundry Routine

When I learned about soapberries from lychee trees I was hooked!  That’s right the detergent we use is made with organic soapberry suds from lychee trees.  Soapberry benefits include amazing cleaning power and they soften fabric without damaging our skin, our clothes or the water we send into our environment.

Most leading brands of laundry detergents contain harmful chemicals, including surfactants, which strip away oils, damage clothes over time, aggravate skin issues, and can cause skin irritations, breakouts and other negative health effects.  

Check-out your laundry detergent, it might just have a warning label in the back, to avoid direct skin contact.  Crazy right!

Why use soapberries?​ 

Using a detergent made with soapberries avoids all the volatile substances like the surfactants, sulfates or other toxic agents in our detergent.  Their mild properties do not damage our clothes or harm our skin.  Buckaroo Organics has made our laundry day a tad bit fresher!

Essential Oils

Another tip to clean-out your laundry routine is my favorite…using essential oils.  I drop essential oils into natural wool balls to help with static in the dryer.  The clothes smell amazing.  Not that I enjoy folding clothes, but the air around the room envelopes you with a sweet fragrance.

Dryer Sheets​

Just one comment about traditional dryer sheets, they contain a number of chemicals and fragrances that clog our clothes with a waxy build-up, which can cause inflammation and irritation.  Let’s take care of our families and leave their clothes with no waxy buildups, just clean!

 The wool balls are reusable and remove the static build up in the dryer. Just a few drops of essential oils in the wool balls makes laundry day, a little fresher.

Who couldn’t use a little “clean” boost on laundry days?

What are some tips you use when tackling your laundry routine?

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