Celebrate & Learn: Diversity in the Kitchen Collaboration

A cookbook put together by homeschooling families, to celebrate our unique traditions, cultures and foods. Click here to see all the families that contributed their recipes and stories and download your copy.

Kids Cooking Supplies

Youngest Chef KidSentials

Helping you and your little one get started cooking and learning together.

Big Chefs Kitchen Supplies

Big Chefs KidSentials

Helping you and your growing chefs cook and learn in the kitchen together.

volcano recipe and lesson

Volcanic STEM Recipe, Experiment & Cleaner

A sample recipe and lesson in chemistry from the Kitchen Schooling science series.

chocolate bananas

Exploring Hot & Cold with Chocolate Bananas

Early Learners kitchen schooling science series - A sample recipe and lesson in physical science exploring the properties and changes with hot and cold.

whipped cream

Whipping Cream and Motion

Exploring motion by making a 'healthier' version of whipping cream. Older child extension - study kinetic energy and Isaac Newton. Kitchen schooling science series.

popcorn balls recipe

Popcorn in 3D

Early learners, kitchen schooling math series. Build 3d shapes with a healthy version of popcorn balls. This activity will help build understanding and retention of 3d shapes.

kitchen schooling guide

Kitchen Schooling Ideas: Math, Reading, Writing, Geography

A simple idea in each area, math, reading, writing and geography to help your family get started with learning in the kitchen or "Kitchen Schooling".

weekly assignment chart for homeschooling

Weekly Learning Schedule

Various schedule options to plan school work week by week for each child or student.


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