How do I get my kids to eat healthier foods?
Kids are picky eaters!  The older they get the pickier they get.  Here are some quick tips:

  • Getting kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to help them try new foods. 
  • Offer fruits and veggies daily. The younger they are, the easier to build healthier food habits.
  • Take them shopping with you, to get shopping supplies for each activity.  Allow them to pick foods they find interesting from the produce section as well.
  • Blog posts on this subject coming soon with lots of tips and tricks for your picky eaters!

I don’t cook, can we still successfully participate in the program?
Of course!  Even if you don’t cook, you still have the ability to offer these skills to your child and learn together.  My daughter loves when we learn new things together for the first time.

The recipes are simple and fun. No grand culinary skills needed. It is a great program for the whole family to come together and start cooking.  Most recipes are 5 – 7 ingredients with simple steps.  It will be fun to begin your kitchen adventure together with your family.

Video lessons and blogs coming soon on setting up your kitchen for kids, tips for cooking with your kids, how to get started in your kitchen and much more.  We are just getting started.  Sign-up for our e-mails  to stay informed and we will help you each step of the way!

If you have those culinary skills…GREAT! Show them off to your kids, you are their greatest teacher!

We are busy, making time to cook is hard.  Any suggestions?
I am a busy parent just like you. Eating healthy, home-cooked meals are a priority for my family.  When we are home after school the kids are involved in dinner prep, in the mornings with breakfast and lunch prep.  We do meal prepping on the weekends.

Making time to cook, specifically cooking together, will better your family’s health and your children’s eating habits, and eliminates the need for processed foods.  The food is healthier and more nutrition packed.

Our recipes are simple and fun and many can be broken down into smaller pieces throughout the week.  The lessons are fun and engaging and can be worked on during down time, even play dates. We encourage to break-up the activities so it fits your schedule best and your child’s needs.  Making sure they are fully engaged is what is most important!

Do you accommodate for dietary restrictions? (vegan, gluten, dairy)
Yes, we give ideas for dietary substitutions with each kit.  Please read all recipes and ingredients carefully and make the best substitutions for your family’s dietary needs.

How do you choose your lessons and topics for each lesson?
We build lessons that engage children to become hands-on with their learning. The idea is to get your child involved in the kitchen while reinforcing concepts taught in school and making it fun. These lessons are meant to be done with a parent as the guide. The level of independence for each activity is based on the child’s age and ability. When choosing topics we ask ourselves what is this teaching, and how will the child benefit from doing the activity. 

How do they relate to what my child is learning at school?
We want these lessons to teach you and your child that the kitchen is a great place to investigate and apply skills learned in a classroom. Developing this skill will help children understand that learning can happen everywhere and applied to various parts of daily life. 

We have siblings of different ages. If we only purchase one age group, how can we incorporate siblings?
We plan different developmentally appropriate activities for each grade level. However, you can easily adjust each lesson by providing more or less parental guidance.
In addition, the price drops by half when you add additional grades to your membership plan. For just $6 more you will have access to all of our age/grade appropriate material.

We home school, how can we incorporate these lessons into our home school curriculum?
Our lessons are developed with age appropriate standards in mind. Pick and choose which lessons work with your current home school curriculum or use it as an end of the week activity to motivate your child. 

Is it safe to work with young children in the kitchen?
Read our family kitchen safety guidelines and tips here.

What is your cancellation policy? How do I cancel my auto-renewal?
All subscriptions are billed on the first of each month. You may cancel prior to the first of each month by emailing Julie@whiskingapples.com. Please note, refunds are not issued mid-month once products are received.


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