Does Popeyes have fried turkey for Christmas?

And so does Popeyes. That’s why this year, Popeyes is offering, yet again, cajun-style whole turkeys throughout the holiday season. … But if you’re not about that turkey lyfe, you can also get the Holiday Feast package for $20, complete with fried chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and beans.

Can I order a turkey from Popeyes?

You can order them either by phone or in-person and schedule a time for pick up at a participating Popeyes restaurant, while supplies last (I recommend calling ahead to check if possible). Some locations may have them ready for pick up immediately.

When can you order Popeyes turkey?

The turkeys will be available at participating US locations starting on October 18. You can place your preorder by calling or visiting your local Popeyes in person. A reminder that while the turkeys are precooked, they are then frozen and will still need a bit of time to thaw.

How much is the Cajun turkey from Popeyes?

Last year, the turkey cost $39.99 at many locations. Popeyes said its turkey is hand-rubbed and infused with “zesty Louisiana-style seasonings” and comes precooked. The turkeys need to be rethawed before reheating. ►Halloween 2021:Lowe’s to host trick-or-treating at stores nationwide before Halloween.

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Are Popeyes fried turkeys good?

The Popeyes bird narrowly beats out the Bojangles’ bird, but, honestly, these were both good turkeys. If you’re bad at cooking, have access to an oven, and have a hankering for orange and/or red Cajun spices, you could do a whole lot worse. Pro tip, though: Don’t try to eat an entire fast-food turkey yourself.

Are Popeyes turkeys frozen?

As Popeyes fans may know, while the chain is perhaps best known for its fried chicken, this precooked frozen turkey returns each year around this time and is a true lifesaver for those of us who don’t want to spend an entire day cooking a bird.

How do I order a Popeyes Thanksgiving turkey?

Customers can pre-order from their local restaurant by calling or visiting in person. Turkeys are received frozen and fully cooked. You must thaw it completely prior to reheating. Prices vary by location.

How do I order a fried turkey from KFC?

KFC’s perfectly seasoned Thanksgiving turkeys are only available at a few locations nationwide. To pre-order a turkey, call up your local KFC locations until you find one that has them available. Several chains around the country offer up some of the Thanksgiving sides, desserts, or other turkey-centric creations.

Is Bojangles doing fried turkeys this year?

Bojangles’ will no longer sell their popular seasoned fried turkey, well at least for this year. The restaurant chain made the sad announcement online, but don’t fret. … They are offering ingredients and directions for two dishes: turkey brine and cornbread-biscuit dressing.

How big is Popeyes Cajun Turkey?

The whole Cajun-style turkeys,typically 13-16 pounds, are described as being hand-rubbed with seasonings and pre-cooked. They come frozen and need to be thawed.

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Does Honey Baked Ham sell Cajun turkey?

Our turkeys make a great addition to virtually every occasion, from holiday meals to celebratory dinners and other family get-togethers. Serves 10-12. Whole Turkey (11-13 lbs.) … Cajun: hand-rubbed Cajun spices add a bit of kick to dinner time.

How much is a Bojangles Turkey?

Prices for Bojangles Seasoned Fried Turkey start at $ 39.99 at participating locations only. Prices and participation may vary depending on the location.