Can I ship baked goods via FedEx?

What items Cannot be shipped via FedEx?

FedEx Prohibited Items

  • All commodities valued over US$20,000 without approval.
  • One-of-a-kind/irreplaceable articles such as artwork valued over US$500,000 each.
  • Flammables with a flash point of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or less.
  • Auto parts with fluids in them.
  • Fine art.
  • Fine jewelry.
  • Furs.
  • Pornography/obscene material.

How do I send a cake through FedEx?

How to Ship A Cake

  1. Package the cake tightly in a fitted styrofoam mailer. …
  2. Insert frozen cool packs around the cake to keep it fresh. …
  3. Place the styrofoam mailer inside a sturdy cardboard box. …
  4. Seal the box with high-quality shipping tape. …
  5. Mark the outside of your box. …
  6. Ship your cake.

Can I ship baked goods?

The best baked goods to ship are the ones that can be wrapped individually, can ship as a whole, and are not prone to melting. Your best bet is any baked good that is sturdy like cookies, pound cakes, cupcakes (ideally without frosting), brownies, breads without yeast, muffins, and bars.

Can you FedEx chocolate?

Corrugated cardboard with a one-inch wall thickness provides the best protection for his chocolates, without adding too much weight. To fully seal the outer packaging and ensure smooth shipping, he makes sure the box is taped evenly across all flaps with a pressure-sensitive plastic tape.

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Can you ship food through FedEx?

You can send perishable foods from one place to another through FedEx; you simply have to take extra precautions before shipping them. … Shipped food may face high temperatures or humidity while en route, and insulation and refrigeration will keep those perishable foods fresh until they arrive.

Does FedEx deliver food items?

FedEx does not recommend shipping perishables via FedEx 2Day®, FedEx 2Day® Freight, or FedEx Express Saver®. If you choose to ship perishables by any of those services, ensure your packaging will protect your items for at least 12 hours longer than the delivery commitment time.

Does FedEx Ship cold items?

Cold shipping boxes, packaging & containers

Cold shipping package provided by FedEx can keep your temperature-sensitive shipments between 2°C and 8°C (35°F and 46°F) for 48 or 96 hours* without the weight, hassle and expense of using dry ice or gel packs. … These containers provide cold temperatures for up to five days.

How do you ship cold food?

Use a think plastic liner for the inside of the package, and enclose the food in a plastic bag as well. Thick insulated foam containers are suggested for keeping food as cold as possible. Packaging using dry ice is acceptable. Gel packs are a good solution as well, but frozen water is not recommended.

How do you ship croissants?

You can start by with wrapping croissants in plastic wrap and then popping them in a resealable plastic bag with all the air taken out.

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How do you deliver home baked goods?

A Comprehensive Guide to Sending Baked Goods in the Mail

  1. The sturdier or denser the baked good, the better. …
  2. Consider freezing before shipping. …
  3. When packing, keep flavors separated, bags and containers airtight, and everything snug. …
  4. Ship well in advance. …
  5. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny. …

How do you order baked goods from FedEx?

Place your products inside an insulated container and surround them with room-temperature (about 72° F / 22° C) gel coolants to reduce the risk of freezing. Fill all void space with dunnage such as loosefill peanuts to prevent product movement. Ship the insulated container inside a corrugated box.