Amelia Island: A Shark Teeth Treasure Hunt

Visit Fort Clinch state park for the best shark teeth hunting.  Stop at their visitor’s center for a free pamphlet of all the shark teeth you can find, along with their descriptions.  

Spend the day hunting for teeth and matching them to the sharks they belong.  It’s a really great way to learn about our oceans and the various shark species, how their anatomy all differs and how their teeth work differently.

We came home with a great collection.  Here are some tips we learned from the locals:

  1. Look for black sharp objects when the water comes up the shore.
  2. Dig holes near the water’s edge and let the water wash the sand from the shells.  The shark teeth and larger shells stay behind and you can just pick them up.
  3. Bring a little container to store them, you don’t want them slipping out of your bucket as you walk the shores.

Of course a hike at this state park is a must.  If you are visiting with older kids visit the fort as well to learn more about the Islands history.  This fort is enormous! And it is filled with history of the State of Florida, pirates and Island life in this historical maritime village.

Amelia Island light house is also a great stop with an amazing view of the islands salt marshes.  Check the times for openings and make sure to schedule accordingly when the light house grounds are open.

​We visited pirate shops and learned about pirate history.  But make sure to explore the shores and find our own shark teeth before purchasing them at the gift shops.  I can guarantee you will find your own just walking up the down the shore.

The seafood on Amelia Island is fresh and locally caught.  Timoties Seafood Shack was our families go to during our weekend getaway.  You can enjoy a meal with freshly caught fish, coconut rice and veggies while the kids play on a ship playground, complete with rock climbing, slides and more!

For dessert visit the Fudgery.  Ask when they will be making pralines and homemade fudge.  Always a fun process to watch how it’s made and then buy some to take to the beach.

They have big long tables in a room that’s all glass so little ones can watch the process of making fudge.  But their fudge isn’t the only good treasure in this little place, that’s always full!  Try the Ice Cream! My favorite was a praline ice cream (yes, it has pralines inside, yum!).

Pieology was also on our food stop.  Pizza Friday had to continue with us but this place has an amazing menu with ‘adult’ versions of pizza featuring goat cheese, so everyone can have a good meal.  

​It’s also right across the street from the Florida Inn.  Step inside, it’s a time capsule where notable generals and writers have stayed.  A quick read of their history and your kids will come out with some knowledge of Amelia Islands past (you know us always looking for that learning opportunity!).

Another favorite secret about Amelia Island, is that the movie Pippi Longstocking was filmed here.  You can visit her home and several other sites including the toy store shown in the movie.  Oh! and we loved that toy store!  Villa Villekulla is filled with toys just waiting to be played with.  

​A wonderful small town filled with American history, stories of pirates,  and where you can hunt all day for shark teeth along the beach!

If you visit with your family please let us know your favorite places in the comments below.  If you are looking for a fun and relaxing getaway with the kids this year, look no further, and learn a little something along the way…

Happy Travels! Happy Learning!

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