5 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

Our family celebrates the ‘love’ day with fun family traditions we do each year.  We think about all those we love, near and far. Each year on Valentine’s we have a fun and simple tradition to look forward to as a family. Traditions create stability in your family and a sense of safety and familiarity, all important for children, especially younger children. 

​We make it simple, yet fun.  Pick just one tradition for your family to bring you together and create a time to bond.  Here is how we celebrate.  I hope some of these ideas will help make your families valentine’s day fun and full of ‘love’ (ok…guess I got a little cheezy)!

​1. Decorate Together – Yes! Decorate. Here is why – 

Decorating together has its benefits, impacting our children’s social, cognitive and emotional development.  The time spent with you has a lasting impact for both the child and the parent.  Encourage family togetherness while the kids are young and this will help the family stay connected as children grow.  

2. Send cards or messages to grandma’s, aunts and uncles. 

Make homemade cards or purchase a small pack of cards for family your child is closest too. During Valentine’s I like to include a hand stamp of the children in a card.  A simple gesture will express love to those we are close to and teach our children to think of others they love on this day as well.

3. Set-up the dining room table – even if your just order pizza.

​Setting up the dining room table, even for just pizza, makes the day feel special.  Let your kids decorate the table, lay out a table cloth, cute napkins and table décor.  They will feel proud of their work for their family and now you have a special dinner.

4. Make meals simple so you can enjoy the day as well. 

t’s not about what is served just about who we are spending it with.Ordering pizza is a good thing on Valentine’s.  Why do we have to make an elaborate meal or spend twice the amount going out to eat? 

​I like to order something simple, or make something very simple, so I can enjoy the day doing something with my family.  Weather it’s making crafts, watching a movie or playing a game.  We show our children love by spending time with them.  Let’s spend time with them and keep things simple.

5. Chocolate Fondue

This is our families favorite Valentine’s Day tradition.  The kids know we make chocolate fondue and prepare lots of items to dip.  We set the table together, play games and eat chocolate!

Come back and let us know how you celebrated together! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from our family to yours! 

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