5 Best Summer Must Have Books

I love spending the summer with my kids!  And with June fast approaching, I am already excited and planning away.

But here’s the key to loving your time this summer…MAKE A PLAN!

This week I am focusing on books. I am intentionally choosing books that are interactive and come with built in activities we can follow on our days at home.  Here are my top book choices and how we plan on using each of these books:

1.  Usborne Academy  Books
This series of books explores different careers with fun interactive activities, crafts and games for kids.
The books have stickers and certificates as you complete each of the sections.  The activities and materials are simple like paper, balloons, tape and straws.  Each activity is explained and then illustrated with pictures.
Books like these help me stay on task during the summer time and give the kids activities to look forward to at home.  The books are filled with really great information about each of these professions so they can expand their learning in a fun way at home.

2. 1,000 Things in Nature
Because summer time is a time to be outside playing in the warmth of the sun.  We will go to the beach, we will take hikes and bike rides. The days we are home I can send the kids to explore the backyard and collect ‘things found in nature.’ It’s the perfect summer time book to take when traveling and see how the things we find change. 
Every season change you can bring out the book again and again and explore how nature changes all around us.

3. The Usborne “Outdoor Book”
This is the book where my Usborne books obsession began.  Filled with information about the outdoors and nature, beautiful illustrations and SO MANY outdoor activities! Building boats, a night time nature walk, building forts, using solar energy to cook, making a map and so much more.
We pick one or two activities per week to do together.  It ensures that we have something unique to do and that we GET OUTSIDE this summer!
If you only choose one book this summer…Choose this one!  It’s my favorite and as the kids grow the way they interact with each activity changes.  We just love it!

​4. Rainy Day Activity Pack 
Summer brings rainy days and towards August, HOT days!  This activity pack has puzzles, games, drawing and craft activities.  It’s a simple, ready to go solution, for long summer days spent at home. 
These ready to go activity packs are also great to take on road or airplane trips. Pick your favorite activity pack and keep it handy when traveling this summer.

5. “All About Me” Dr. Seuss
This one is not an Usborne book but it’s such a fun book for preschool to 2nd grade age range.  I bought one for each of my kids and will pull this one out on rainy days and family visits.  Counting your teeth, your zippers and how many picture frames are in our house. The kids will document their favorite toys, books and what they want to be when they grow up.  It’s the perfect book to spend time doing with grandparents when they visit over the summer time. 
I still have mine! I did mine when I was only 4 years old and today my kids flip through it!
Books that are engaging, interactive and fun will ensure that your little ones spend time reading and build a love of books and learning.

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