10 Best Kitchen Tools for: Big Chefs

These are my recommended 10 Best Kitchen Tools for: Big Chefs to get started on your kitchen cooking adventures!

Fun number colored system makes it simple to practice fractions and other  arithmetic problems.

Simple and inexpensive tool. Keeps kids busy and allows them to help.


A math tool in disguise. ivision, fractions and more!

I like these because the measurements are clearly marked in several places.

Creativity is endless with this fun tool, use with fruits, veggies, doughs and much more!


Used for a multitude of kitchen projects, builds fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration skills.


Child sized oven mitts for easy gripping and kitchen safety.


Power Tools! Now that they are big and understand safety, they can whip up pancakes and more!


These knives are made with rounded edges and additional safety features for children.  The knife is made for the size of a child’s hand and is comfortable for them to safely use.


These are easy to grasp for lots of kitchen experiments!  The rubber bottom makes them easy to handle.  The bowls are light weight for easy cleaning and handling.


One of the most important tools, at this age and beyond.  You will this tool for a lot more than just the kitchen!


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